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Ssangyong targets doubling of sales in China in 2014
Gasgoo, 19 Dec '13

"This year Ssangyong will achieve 10,000 sales in Chinese market and sales goal for next year shall be 20,000." Yuyi Li, director of Ssangyong Auto told a local daily.

As mentioned about the development of Ssangyong in China, Yuyi LI said: "If sales in Chinese market reach 30-50,000, we will consider about plant building in China."

South Korean Ssangyong has achieved fast growth around world. It has increased 20% over the last year performance. In Chinese market, sales have achieved 8 thousand, which takes 7% of its international market.

Korean Ssangyong is kind of global brand already. Its exported sales exceed domestic sales. In June 2011, Pangda Group funds its subsidiary in Beijing, Pangda Ssangyong Auto Sales.

The company takes the sole agency of Ssangyong in China. As vice president of Pangda Group Hongwei LIU introduction, "Ssangyong has more than 130 dealers in China at present, the figure with increase to 180."

"At present, Pangda in charge of 180 directly. Others are just franchisees. Pangda plans to have its chain store in every 31 province and cities. It aims 70 chain stores and 110 franchisees."

When mentioned about Pangda Group choose, proprietor of Ssangyong said that "the reason we choose Pangda is because it is the biggest dealers group in China, and marketing in China is very good."

Yuyi LI thinks that Chinese market growth is not as fast as before but China has 1.3 billion people, which is huge potential. Ssangyong sales in China will reach 100,000 in the future. Meanwhile, he compares Russia with China that Russia has 230 million people who own 34,000 vehicles.

Chinese market will be larger than Russian.